Active records, accessible file-by-file; our document management solutions give you full control of your information with all the space and time-saving advantages an outsourced service can offer.

Open-Shelf Storage

In our remote open-shelf storage, we barcode and file your documents individually to enable the quick retrieval of active documents and make these immediately available to you.

We can scan and distribute a document on-demand faster than a paper document can be retrieved from an on-site file room. Convenient, web-based access to your active documents is possible using our online records management portal, so you never lose sight of your files.

Our services include:

  • File Completion Verification
  • Drop Filing and Versioning
  • Scheduled Deliveries of Physical Records
  • Scanning on Demand

In-House Document Management — Your Location, Our Expertise

If you choose to manage some of your documents internally, we can help you develop an efficient and compliant programme on-site. Senior professionals and screened specialists will run or staff your facilities and in-house records management programmes.