As a document storage provider, we make it simple to move and store your business records off-site. You pack your archive documents; we convey them to our secure storage facilities where they will be located in a dedicated shelving area. When you need them back, we return them. It's that easy.

Service at Your Doorstep

We try to make document management easy for you by offering efficient storage solutions. Next-day, half-day and emergency document retrieval services are available, and we can scan your paper records and send them back in electronic format. When you need some or all of your records back, it’s simple, quick and online.

Better Control

Our customer web portal provides access to everything you need. You can use it to label, describe, search, locate and request a retrieval. You have full control and access whenever you want it through which you can easily access any of data whether this is important business or legal documentation.

How it works


Setting the standard since 1951, with more than 1000 facilities worldwide, Iron Mountain’s off-site secure storage is world class. It offers:

  • Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Physical key card access controls
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • 24/7 central CCTV monitoring of protection systems
  • Highly trained and vetted staff teams

Pay As You Go

Our document storage services provide a highly secure, low-cost solution for all types of business records. Unlike your own office space or self-storage, our pay-as-you-go model lets you rent only the space you need as you need it. As well as freeing up space and staff, our high-density records centres can reduce your storage costs.