For many businesses, off-site tape vault storage for disaster recovery continues to be a practical and cost-effective solution for backup and archiving. We offer a full range of secure yet flexible off-site tape storage and management services.

Our backup tape storage solution offers:

  • Reliable data protection from a trusted provider
  • Rigorous chain-of-custody and audit trail for clear accountability
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Assistance developing a tailored data protection and recovery programme
  • Consistent storage practices across all of your sites to enhance compliance
  • A web-based media inventory tool, which lets you manage your off-site tapes and disaster recovery programme.

Secure Transportation

When we move your data, you can be confident of its high security every step of the way. Your tapes are securely transported under lockdown, using our own fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles, specially adapted to transport media. At key points tapes are scanned for tracking and to document the workflow. We synchronize our tape pickup and delivery with your backup schedule.

Perfect Storage Conditions

Once at Iron Mountain, data is stored in highly protected facilities in low-risk areas. Once in the climate-controlled vault, your back-up tapes are protected by keycard access, CCTV video surveillance and highly trained, rigorously screened staff. Our facilities are accessible to major cities, making your data available whenever you request it, every day of the year.

Disaster Recovery Services

When disaster strikes, we immediately get to work restoring your data. We have a proven track record of supporting more than 250 disasters and have conducted 25,000 disaster recovery tests. Our expert personnel immediately locate the tapes you require, transport them securely and quickly to the site of your choice and work alongside your team to restore your data.

We also offer a range of services to support your disaster preparedness and response plan.

  • We assess the impact on your business of a range of scenarios
  • Implement consistent best practice across multiple locations
  • Support compliance requirements for safeguarding sensitive data
  • Prepare your employees to respond quickly when disaster hits by clarifying recovery roles and responsibilities
  • Test recovery procedures to ensure quick response
  • Assess performance against recovery objectives
  • Verify that adequate recovery resources are in place and identify gaps in your plan

Archival Tape Storage

For information that is rarely used and does not require immediate retrieval, archival tape storage provides a cost-effective solution for protecting business data off-site, off-line and out of reach.

  • We preserve archived data securely and affordably
  • Apply a consistent approach to archiving throughout your organisation
  • Ensure the integrity of media and data for long-term retention

Backup Media & Supplies

Your backup data is only as safe and reliable as the tape it’s stored on. That’s why Iron Mountain partners with leading manufacturers such as Sony, Fuji, HP, Imation and IBM to offer a wide range of media tapes, containers and supplies.

We can help you choose the best media and supplies for your needs. You’ll benefit from the convenience of ordering online from a single-source provider via our dedicated website ( or by phone, at 0800-085-9838.